Sell your phone and get an extra €5!
Code: extra5
Sell your phone and get an extra €5!
Code: extra5

Sell mobile

You have a new phone. Nice! How nice again, huh? But what do you do with your old mobile? Did you know that many people have one or even several phones in some drawer as a spare phone? Another thing you should know: these are often still in the same place in the same drawer after years, unused. A shame, right? In fact, the mobile only decreases in value as it ages. Selling your old mobile is therefore a good alternative.

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Why sell your mobile?

In fact, by selling your phone, you will receive a nice amount of money and the phone can be reused at the same time. This way, you will also prevent your old phone from eventually being thrown away and causing damage to the environment.

Selling your mobile, don't forget this:

You want to sell your old mobile, good news! Selling the mobile will take some preparation. It is important to have a backup. This way you can be sure you can take all your data, apps and personal files with you to your new phone.

The easiest option is to do this through your google account. Then reset the cell phone you want to sell to factory settings. This way you can be sure that the new owner is not snooping in your files, and he or she can also have a fresh start. Every trace of your consumption is gone and there are no more photos or files floating around.

In addition, you obviously remove the SIM card from your old mobile, which you will most likely need in the new mobile. Also consider memory cards, this may include personal files.

Increase sales value

When you go to sell your mobile, you obviously want to drag in the best amount. How can you do that? The fee increases when sending an unused, original cable and when sending an unused, original adapter. Good to know is that if you do not have it the amount does not go down.

Sell your phone at

Sell your old phone easily and quickly at Here’s how it works:

  • Select the model and brand of your smartphone;
  • Assess the condition of the old smartphone;
  • Ship your phone to us for free and insured;
  • After verification and receipt, you will receive your money within 24 hours.

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