Sell your phone and get an extra €5!
Code: extra5
Sell your phone and get an extra €5!
Code: extra5
What is the storage capacity of your iPhone 13 Pro Max? Where can I find this information?
What is the state  of your iPhone 13 Pro Max?
Like new

In new condition with no user marks on the screen and/or housing.

As good as new

Some minimal user marks on the screen and/or housing.

Lightly used

Multiple light user marks on the screen and/or casing that you cannot feel with your fingernail.

Visibly used

Clearly visible user marks on the screen and/or housing that you can feel with your fingernail.

Crack / Defect

Barsten in het scherm en/of behuizing. Het scherm zit los of is ingebrand. 1 of meerdere functies werken niet.

Does not turn on anymore

No longer turns on, does not start up fully or drops out.

Tip: Hold your phone under a lamp while reviewing.
Does your battery have a maximum capacity of 85%? Where can I find this information?
Yes (+ €0)
No (- €20)
Is het cameraglas van uw telefoon gebroken?
Yes (- €20)
No (+ €0)
Hoort u uw gesprekspartner slecht of hoort u gekraak of geruis?
Yes (- €25)
No (+ €0)
Heeft uw telefoon een scherm, batterij of camera melding?
Yes (- €40)
No (+ €0)
Are you sending original, unused charging cable?
Yes (+ €4)
No (+ €0)
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Sell iPhone 13 Pro Max

Are you the proud owner of a new iPhone or smartphone and do you want to contribute to a better environment and sustainability? Then you can sell your iPhone 13 Pro Max to We make sure that someone else can enjoy your old device for a long time or reuse the parts. We find it important to be sustainable.

Selling iPhone 13 Pro Max in a sustainable way

We find it very important to do our work as sustainably as possible. The world belongs to all of us and only together we can create a sustainable world. Selling your iPhone 13 Pro Max to is therefore a good idea. By selling your iPhone 13 Pro Max to us, you get a nice amount for it which you can spend on other sustainable things.

We help the world by planting trees

Because we feel it is so important to help the world whenever possible, for every device sold to us we plant 1 tree in partnership with When we receive your iPhone 13 Pro Max we will make sure your device can be reused by another owner. If this is not possible we will reuse as many parts of your old device as possible in another one.

Sell your iPhone to us

Because the iPhone has a very long lifespan it is a very popular device. To make sure that your old iPhone 13 Pro Max can last a bit longer with another owner, you can sell your device to us. You are doing something very sustainable, because you are helping the environment. In addition, you will earn a nice amount of money.

Making money by being sustainable

Are you convinced and do you want to sell your old phone to

How nice of you to join us in being durable! First assess the condition of your iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can indicate this online and then we can make you an offer. Do you agree with our offer? Then you can send us your phone for free and insured, but if you prefer an environmentally friendly bike ride, you are more than welcome to do so. We only applaud this. We will check your phone after receipt and if everything is in order you will receive your money in your account within 24 hours.

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