Sell your phone and get an extra €5!
Code: extra5
Sell your phone and get an extra €5!
Code: extra5

General Terms and Conditions

1) Entrepreneur's Identity

2) Applicability

2.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements concerning the sale of phones to

2.2 operates exclusively on the basis of these general terms and conditions.

2.3 These general terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. Disputes will be settled exclusively by the competent Dutch court and/or arbitration board.

2.4 Your data will not be provided to third parties or used for commercial purposes.

3) The seller guarantees

3.1 The rightful owner of the offered phone(s) is.

3.2 is 18 years of age or older.

3.3 That the offered phone(s) is/are free of moisture and/or water damage.

4) Purchase amount and purchase

4.1 Our online calculator gives an indication of the value of your phone(s).

4.2 The calculated purchase amount at the time of notification is valid for fourteen (14) calendar days.

4.3 will pay the seller the agreed purchase price, if the phone(s) sent by the seller match the details provided on

4.4 performs a comprehensive check on each phone(s) offered by the seller. Non-functioning features decrease the value of the phone(s). will not accept a phone(s) with a burned-in screen.

4.5 If the purchase price is less than the initial proposal, a new proposal will be submitted to the seller. If you agree to the proposal, we will transfer the agreed amount to the bank account number you provide within 24 hours. If you do not agree with the proposal, we will return your phone(s) free of charge. This is subject to a seven (7) calendar day response period. If we have not received a choice within seven (7) calendar days, the new proposed purchase price will be refunded.

4.6 Payment for phone(s) is normally made within 24 hours of receipt and inspection of your phone(s) by

4.7 The maximum number of phones that can be sold by an individual vendor is five (5) per two (2) months.

4.8 When the agreed purchase amount has been transferred to your bank account, the sale is final and it is no longer possible to receive the phone(s) back.

4.9 does not accept stolen or lost phones. All phones are compared at the appropriate authorities (CheckMend). If it appears that your phone(s) are registered as stolen or missing we will make a report to relevant authorities and cancel the purchase agreement immediately.

5) Shipping

5.1 Your phone(s) should be properly packaged when you send it to is not responsible for the phone(s) damaged during shipment.

5.2 Should your phone(s) be lost during shipment, will reimburse the agreed purchase price. The terms of the reimbursement are on presentation of a certificate of issue, a declaration and a valid identification document corresponding to your notified data.

5.3 If you wish to return your phone(s), you may be charged €10 in the following cases:
1. Your access code and/or Apple ID or Google account cannot or will not be deleted remotely.
2. If finds moisture and/or water damage.

6) Data

6.1 bears no responsibility for the security, protection, confidentiality or use of data on the phone(s). The seller must remove all personal or confidential data, passwords and other security codes from the phone(s) before it is sent.

6.2 Sim cards and/or memory cards that you send along will be immediately removed and destroyed to prevent misuse.

6.3 If you wish to receive your SIM card(s) and/or memory card(s) back, you will be charged €10. You can request this only if your phone(s) have not yet been received and/or checked.

7) Contact

Do you have a complaint or a question? Then you can contact at any time at or by phone at +31 (0) 73 – 6892283.

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